Immortality – Fashionmovie

An artistic collaboration of film maker Astrid Gleichmann and photographer Ulrich Hartmann presents Malina’s new sustainable womenswear collection “Immorality” with natural aesthetic and significant charisma, which is a visual and aural pleasure for to behold. The attire, created by organic materials, zero-waste patterns and futuristic techniques, alludes to a symbiosis of human being and natural phenomenon. This short film serves as a hinge between the immortal melancholy and the desire for an eternal life.

Text: Angie Poon

A film by Astrid Gleichmann & Ulrich Hartmann

Art Direction I Styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis – Peppermint Circus
Accessories Design: Christine Rochlitz
Models: Dasha Cherdanceva, Marie Josephine Conen – Iconic Management, Ruby McQueen
Hair & Make-up: Anna Kürner – Basics.Berlin
Assistance: Alexander Ferrante & Victoria Reuter
Location: Garven Nolte I Berlin 2016